Monday, 22 August 2011

Appologies/Hip Hop Kemp/Big Ups.

Sorry for the lack of recent updates, we've all been extremely busy, especially Ego and Merky ACE who have just got back from the Czech Republic after performing Friday night with Vectra at Hip Hop Kemp's 10th anniversary festival.
Big up all the Czech fans, everyone who made it to the festival and a massive big up to everyone at RoadSound.
If any footage crops up from the event rest assured I'll find it and up it here on the Blog, so make sure you check regularly for more frequent updates (that's a promise!).
On that note, the whole camp are working relentlessly on numerous projects at the moment so be sure to keep your eyes pealed for up and coming performances, videos and releases from all of Family Tree.
Alternatively, if you have any footage from the festival you would like us to share with the world via the blog or for inquires, bookings and anything else contact us at


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